New window installation with PVC trim covering

Window Replacement Procedure: Valley View Apartments in Chicopee, MA

We recently were able to have a large window replacement job at the Valley View Apartments in Chicopee, MA.  This procedure was typical for replacement windows and window installation.  We have outlined some of the more major steps involved in the process to get you more familiar with what a typical window job entails.

Removal Of Old Windows

Old Windows Before Replacement
Old Windows Before Replacement

The very first thing that must be done is to assess the condition of the old windows designated for removal. Most of the time the windows will be deteriorating and letting in cold air – costing you extra heating bills during winter. Many of these windows are made out of wood and in time mold and other natural elements can cause the wood frame to break-down. In these cases it is best to fix the windows by installing a completely new window and adding a layer of PVC trim all around the frame – protecting and preserving the windows for many years to come.

Install New Wooden Frame and Windows

New window installed with new frame
New window installed with new frame

Once the old windows are removed the next process involves making a custom frame for the specific window sizes and installing it into the empty space. After which you would position the brand new windows within the frame. This step is very important in ensuring that the windows are aligned properly and have been sized to fit perfectly into the new frame. This step involves custom carpentry and an experienced hand.
Skilled carpentry and window installation crew
Skilled carpentry and window installation crew

Cover All The Remaining Frame with PVC Trim For Protection

New window installation with PVC trim covering
New window installation with PVC trim covering

Including the PVC trim around the frame really makes a huge difference in how long your new windows will be effective. This small investment of time and money will insure you against having to make major changes for a long time to come.

Apply Caulking to Seal Up Window From Extra Space

Apply Caulking To Seal New Windows
Apply Caulking To Seal New Windows

By properly applying caulking you seal up any additional spaces between the window and frame effectively and add yet another layer of protection against drafts and weather. The proper application of caulking is not only a technical aspect but also an aesthetic process which can make the windows look much better to the eye if done right.

Enjoy Your New Windows!

New window, frame and PVC installation
New window, frame and PVC installation


Window Replacement

Replacement Window Projects Are Now In Season

Window Trim Replacement window projects are in season. Spring time is a great opportunity to resolve your windowreplacement goals. Especially if window replacement has been on the agenda all winter long. With the warming temperatures and nice spring air, removing old outdated windows and window frames and installing new and upgraded replacement windows is one step away from being completed by our professional and verified Installation Master construction crews and by the Better Business Bureau verified window replacement contractor, BuildEx Construction.

With summer fast approaching many crews and contractors will be busy and time management will become harder to keep up with. You can avoid the competitive construction market in the summer by scheduling your window replacement project for the spring. This gives you more opportunity to find a suitable time, as well as get a better window installation price! Now is the season to get your window replacement and construction work done.

BuildEx Construction can provide you with many different variations, to different window colors and builds, to custom and specialty window replacement or clean new window installations. Window replacement is our top priority and we wish to provide anyone looking for replacement windows in the Springfield, Hartford and Boston areas with top-rated work backed up with years of experience.

Although window replacement is our specialty construction field, BuildEx Construction has taken pride in providing competitive and positive experiences for our customers in other construction fields. Besides window replacement, we are also focused on door replacement and installation, as well as more common items requested frequently from us, including full-scale siding projects, interior remodeling work especially kitchens and finish carpentry. Each job we take is another opportunity for BuildEx to prove their value.

If you wish to get an estimate, or find out more about replacement windows, we recommend you get in touch with us directly and speak about your needs. Now would be a great time to get your window replacement job you’ve been waiting to begin completed.

Window Installations

Window Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves

Christian Science Monitor Reports:

1.) A typical window insulation kit runs about $15 and will work on five windows. And it will easily pay for itself over the course of just one winter. What are the savings?

Estimate saving of $20 per window, or $100 total.

2.) Energy Star forecasts big savings on replacement windows that earn its certification. What are the savings?

You’ll save anywhere from $126 to $465 a year for an area covering 2,000 sq. ft.

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“Energy savings is certainly on a lot of people’s minds as Winter 2014 has kicked off in fearsome fashion across the United States. Yet savings know no season, and are sometimes affected by a timeline of when energy investments will have paid for themselves. Unfortunately most products don’t come with this information clearly stamped on the box, but that’s where we come in! Here we examine seven popular product categories to see how long it might take before you realize any returns on investments.

Plastic Window Wrap


Taping up your windows isn’t kind of home accoutrement that will win you any awards from Architectural Digest, but some people

swear by plastic window wrap as a way to keep energy costs down by keeping the cold out. It’s a simple fix, too: by putting plastic film over a window (and this works best for older windows), you cut down on the heat loss through the pane. This does nothing to control heat loss through a low-quality frame, though.

Payback Time: A typical window insulation kit runs about $15 and will work on five windows. And it will easily pay for itself over the course of just one winter. Josh Peterson of TLC’s How Stuff Works estimates you’ll save $20 per window, or $100 total.

Replacement Windows

Wrapping old windows is just a temporary fix for the larger issue of replacing your windows. Depending on how drafty your living space you may want to consider upgrading from single-pane windows, especially if you’re getting clobbered on your energy bill. The trouble is, replacing your old windows isn’t cheap. Homewyse.comestimates it costs between $2,673 and $3,550 to upgrade eight mid-level windows, including installation. Is there any hope of seeing through to a payback?Window Installations

Payback Time: The good news here is that the Energy Star forecasts big savings on replacement windows that earn its certification. You’ll save anywhere from $126 to $465 a year for an area covering 2,000 sq. ft. On the downside, it could take roughly 10 years before you’ll see a payback. The long timeframe, though, is mitigated by an immediate increase in comfort and visual aesthetics to your home. And if you’re handy enough to install your own windows, you could cut the up-front costs by at least 25%.”


Window Installation Photos

Premium Window Installation Photos

Here you can catch a glimpse of some of our latest premium window installation projects. As you can tell we have a wide array of experience working with residential windows, to multi-unit housing complexes and of course, customized and special window arrangements. If you have any questions about our ability to do your project or window type, do not hesitate to get in touch with us HERE  so we can give you a free estimate and project plan.

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