BuildEx Springfield Office

BuildEx Recently Relocated Into Their New Springfield Office

BuildEx would like to announce that they have recently moved to their new office.

The Springfield office is located at 143 Main Street, Suite #306, Springfield, MA 01105.  BuildEx relocated to the new Springfield office to better serve their clients.  The new location allows BuildEx to operate more efficiently and solidify their presence in Springfield and throughout Massachusetts.

BuildEx Construction LLC focuses on window replacement, door installation, finish carpentry and general construction.  BuildEx prides themselves on the ability to provide contractors with reliable and top quality work.

If you have any questions about your window or door project, or would like some information, contact us at 413-328-1778.

BuildEx Springfield Office
BuildEx Springfield Office
Window Replacement

Replacement Window Projects Are Now In Season

Window Trim Replacement window projects are in season. Spring time is a great opportunity to resolve your windowreplacement goals. Especially if window replacement has been on the agenda all winter long. With the warming temperatures and nice spring air, removing old outdated windows and window frames and installing new and upgraded replacement windows is one step away from being completed by our professional and verified Installation Master construction crews and by the Better Business Bureau verified window replacement contractor, BuildEx Construction.

With summer fast approaching many crews and contractors will be busy and time management will become harder to keep up with. You can avoid the competitive construction market in the summer by scheduling your window replacement project for the spring. This gives you more opportunity to find a suitable time, as well as get a better window installation price! Now is the season to get your window replacement and construction work done.

BuildEx Construction can provide you with many different variations, to different window colors and builds, to custom and specialty window replacement or clean new window installations. Window replacement is our top priority and we wish to provide anyone looking for replacement windows in the Springfield, Hartford and Boston areas with top-rated work backed up with years of experience.

Although window replacement is our specialty construction field, BuildEx Construction has taken pride in providing competitive and positive experiences for our customers in other construction fields. Besides window replacement, we are also focused on door replacement and installation, as well as more common items requested frequently from us, including full-scale siding projects, interior remodeling work especially kitchens and finish carpentry. Each job we take is another opportunity for BuildEx to prove their value.

If you wish to get an estimate, or find out more about replacement windows, we recommend you get in touch with us directly and speak about your needs. Now would be a great time to get your window replacement job you’ve been waiting to begin completed.


BuildEx Now An “InstallationMasters” Window Replacement and Installation Contractor


BuildEx Construction, a leading window replacement and home remodeling contractor is announcing that it is now qualified by InstallationMasters for new construction, window and remodeling projects.

Everyone who is building or remodeling a house should know that, no matter how much they spend on top notch windows, the windows won’t perform properly if they’re not installed correctly,” explained Michael Krasnov, manager of BuildEx Construction. “Poor installation techniques can defeat the advantages of the product and result in air or water leaks, wasted energy or improper operation.

To qualify its installers as certified InstallationMasters™, BuildEx Construction sent them to an intensive two-day training course conducted by InstallationMasters™-accredited instructors. The installers had to demonstrate competency by passing a written test designed to assess the knowledge they gained during the training course. Once they passed the test, they became certified InstallationMasters™ installers.

Consumers can confirm that a window installer is qualified under the InstallationMasters™ program by asking to see his/her ID card, provided by the national program administrator upon successful completion of the exam.

The InstallationMasters™ Training and Certification program was developed by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), which BuildEx belongs too – a professional association of some 300 top residential and commercial window, door, and skylight manufacturers and suppliers, which has been recognized for over 60 years as improving product quality performance standards and installation methods in the window and door industry. Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), the InstallationMasters™ program was launched nationally in 1999.

Home Construction Building

The educated consumer, in addition to looking for AAMA-certified windows as quality products, will also insist that these products be installed by certified InstallationMasters™ installers. Installed properly, windows are more likely to perform as they have been designed, tested, and certified to perform, with fewer frustrating service calls required to correct problems.

For more information about the InstallationMasters™ Training and Certification program, contact us or visit the InstallationMasters™ web site at


Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday


On behalf of BuildEx Construction LLC,

the leading windows & doors replacement and installation contractor in Western Massachusetts, we would like to wish you and your family a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving.

In this 2013 season we are exceptionally thankful for all the business and support we have received from our clients, partners, suppliers, friends & family.  

We understand that it has been a very difficult season for many individuals and businesses alike.  Which is why we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  We have been blessed to continue serving in and around Springfield, MA but also around the entire Western Massachusetts area as well as Massachusetts & Connecticut and we are looking forward to the coming years ahead where we can continue to be the trusted windows & doors specialists in our area.  

We love our job.  

And on a daily basis we seek out opportunities to show our work ethic and character to gain your trust.  If your looking towards getting your windows and doors replaced or freshly installed give BuildEx Construction a chance.

We are also thankful for each current and past client and partner that we have gained over the years.  We seek to grow in our success with you and be a company you can depend on.

We are confident that you will be absolutely happy you had considered BuildEx Construction in the past, present and/or future to assist with your windows, doors, carpentry, flooring and remodeling needs.  

Build next with BuildEx!


If your interested in our services and would like to get a free estimate, we welcome you to take advantage of our Christmas Special by clicking below and getting a 10% holiday discount!


Holiday Savings


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BuildEx Construction’s Holiday Season DISCOUNT!

Christmas is right around the corner and BuildEx Construction wants to give you another option for your Christmas shopping list.  Take advantage of our Christmas Specials and order a home improvement project for your loved ones, family & friends.  This is a great opportunity to gift yourself that long-awaited project or give some real assistance to those who could use a lift materially.

Its our small Christmas gift to you:

Holiday Savings


Exterior Stucco Fin Now Available!

One of our top-line suppliers, National Vinyl, now offers an optional Exterior Stucco Fin.


This is field applied on the exterior of the window and can have a butt joint or 45 degree cut at the corners. It fits secure into ouraccessory receiver area of the window.

The fin is 1 3/4” x 11/32” and is available in white.

It is ideal for brick opening installations where a replacement window is being installed and there is a portion of the existing framing exposed beyond the brick. (click on image to expand)


The Stucco fin can be cut to less than the 1 3/4” wide.  It allows for a rot free, no maintenance exterior finish for your construction project.

Please contact our office or your BuildEx Construction representative for a sample and pricing.

We will be glad to offer this option.

Another example of how BuildEx Construction is invested in offering you the best materials and services available in Massachusetts and beyond.




BuildEx at your Service

One of the single most important decisions you can make for your commercial building is the type of windows and doors you choose. If your project resides in the greater Northeast of the United States, your decision can be a whole lot easier, because BuildEx gives you advantages before, during and after construction.

A BuildEx representative will meet with you to help you choose the right style, type and price level of your windows and doors for your project.  But it doesn’t end with windows and doors, here is a full list of services and work that we can do for you.

  • Windows
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Historical Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Remodeling
  • Home Exterior
  • Kitchen
  • Baths
  • Decks
  • And more

After the initial heavy work is completed, we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with our customer-first approach to business.  We will do whatever is in our ability to satisfy your project needs and wants completely.

Besides working with individual customers, BuildEx prides itself on its ability to service top-contractors in the region to provide them with reliable and top-quality work.  We have great experience with a diverse set of construction projects and environments with success.  You can trust us with your projects, including;

  • Multi-Complex
  • Multi-Unit
  • Occupied/Inhabitied
  • Commercial
  • And more

 Build next with BuildEx!